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No, you dont need to travel to another city, or save money for Cashfarm Deluxe trip to las vegas. Today slot machines island is much simpler because there are online casinos and black jacks online.

Since the Internet is now available to many, the attendance of virtual casinos is steadily increasing, as is the popularity of the black jack card game. But what is better to play black jack in an online or offline casino. After studying all the pros and cons, you come to the conclusion that online black jack is still better.

And thats why. Firstly, honesty control in online casinos guarantees fair play. As for offline casinos…. Can you say with confidence that the game there is not "charged" decks.

Exactly. And even if the deck is printed in front of you, it still does not mean anything. Secondly, if you are not a great actor who can control your facial expression, there are not many chances to win in an offline casino.

Moreover, the croupiers are excellent psychologists, and by one of your fleeting gestures they can tell what the alignment is. While playing black jack in an online casino, you can even beat your head against the monitor, no one sees it anyway.

Third, you dont need to go to the casino. It is enough to go to the game website and you can completely plunge into the fascinating world of black jack. If you lose, then at least you dont need money for a taxi. Yes, and you dont need to follow the dress code either.

Yes, and you are less distracted in offline casinos by the sound of roulette, the exclamations of other players, pretty girls, many of whom did not come to play. all this distracts, and, moreover, seriously distracts. Therefore, do not slot machines fishing play yourself once again, you are already at the computer, so why not play. A serious, graceful and addicting black jack game. So how to play black jack. The rules are so simple that they are understandable even for beginners who have Frank casino review taken cards in their hands before.

Lets start with the definitions. The player is understandable, the one who plays at the table against the casino.

That is you. The dealer is an employee of a casino, a croupier who deals cards. Hand of a set of cards of a player or dealer. Tracking tracking by players of the location of the cards during the game.

Shuffle is a full cycle of the game, which begins with shuffling the deck, and ends with the release of the split card. Shuz is a special device, into which a shuffled deck is inserted, and from which cards are dealt. The chip is the chip. Boxing is a rectangular area on the gaming table, one box for one player. Now lets move on to the rules.

Lets start by defining the goal of the game. No, the goal of the game is not to score 21 points, or as many points as possible, but not more than 21. The goal of the game is to slot machines fishing play the dealer. The game is played with ordinary cards, but the game uses six decks, each of which consists of 52 cards.

The number of decks may vary, but most often the slot machines fishing play is played with exactly six decks. So the decks are shuffled and the dealer deals the cards. But before that, each player makes a bet. Each gaming table has its own range of rates, for example, from 5 to 100 dollars, or from 25 to 1000 dollars. Depending on these restrictions, you place your bet. One player can make several bets, or all players can bet on one box by agreement.

The number of players, in principle, may not be limited, it all depends on the number of boxes on the game table. The stakes have been made, gentlemen. The dealer starts dealing cards. Each player is dealt one card, then puts the card to himself, then again deals one card to the players. One of slot machines fishing play dealers cards is face up.

So, you see your two cards, one dealers card, and you already decide whether to take more cards for you or not. In general, this is all you collect cards until your combination is close to 21 points. More than 21 points is a loss, definitely. The outcome of the game. If your hand is more valuable than the dealers hand you win.

If you win blackjack and the dealer pays 2 3.



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Frank casino follows the current trends in the betting industry, sometimes being their trendsetter. In 2002, bk von was one of the first to start accepting live bets during matches. In 2011, another innovation was introduced into the operation of points, automatic devices for betting machines, which allow customers to quickly and without queuing to place bets and work with their personal account.