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Frank may charge a fee in the amount of our own costs for withdrawal of funds that have not been used for play.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the details of any transaction which you place are correct before confirming the bet. The history of your transaction is available by clicking the link my profile at the website and then clicking the tab "cashout".

Frank reserve the right to refuse at any moment some part of the entire operation at our sole discretion, requested by you via the website, if you have violated the terms. No transaction slot machines slots without registration be considered Frank mirror until you receive our confirmation.

If you have not received the confirmation that your transaction was completed, contact our online service support. Frank mirror following types of activities are forbidden and present significant violation of the terms. Information disclosure to the third parties. Illegal actions known as fraud, including use of harmful software, errors in our software, Frank of automated players also known as bots.

Fraud activity for your benefit, including use of stolen, duplicated or otherwise illegally obtained details of a credit or debit card for adding money to your account. Participation in any criminal activity, including money laundering and any other activity with criminal or legal consequences. Collusion or collusion attempts, and or intent to participate directly or indirectly in any collusion scheme with another player when gambling at the website.

Frank reserve the right to suspend, cancel or to void any payouts and winnings, related to bonus funds, received from the company piasters, bonuses, etc. If Frank suspect that you abuse it. The company will take all reasonable efforts to "Frank mirror", as well as to detect collusions and their participants. The respective measures will be accordingly taken to such player. Frank bear no responsibility for any of the losses or damage to you or to any other player in the result of collusion, fraud and other illegal operations or lie, and Frank shall act in this case at our sole discretion.

If you suspect that a person practices collusion or performs any fraudulent activity, immediately inform Frank via Frank mirror mail. Frank reserve the right to terminate your access to the website services or to block your account at any Frank mirror without prior notice, if Frank suspect that you are carrying out any fraudulent activity.

In this case Frank have no obligation to return or otherwise compensate you the funds on your account. Frank also reserve the right to report to the respective authorities, and you will have to collaborate with the company in the investigation process.

It is forbidden to use the services and or software for any illegal or fraudulent activity, or for any illegal or fraudulent transaction including money laundering pursuant to the legislation of your jurisdiction. The company reserves the right to suspend or to block your account and any other accounts Frank mirror you hold funds at any time. In this you shall waive any claims against the company. Abusing or aggressive communication style is prohibited.

You must not swear, threaten, harass or abuse Frank mirror players and the website personnel. You should not download or flood the website with information in size causing the website malfunctions, nor should you take any actions that may affect the functioning of the website, for example, but not limited to, releasing or distribution of viruses or any hazardous software.

Any bulk mailing or "spamming" is strictly prohibited. You must not interfere or disturb, delete or otherwise alter in any way any information on the website. You agree to use the website only for personal leisure purposes, and you are not entitled to copy the website or any part thereof, in any form without our prior written consent. You agree not to crack, attempt to crack and or to access or otherwise circumvent our security system.

If Frank suspect that you tried or are trying to crack, access or otherwise circumvent our security system or software, Frank will immediately terminate your access to the website services and block your account. Frank also reserve the right to report this to respective authorities. Frank bear no responsibility for any losses, incurred to you or to the third party in the result of failure of informational technology software and hardware in the result of attacks, viruses or other harmful technological materials, when using the website and or downloading any materials, and or any reference links on the website.

It is prohibited to sell or to transfer accounts to other players and intentionally lose chips for another player to get profit. It can happen, for example, in tournaments and other events running on the website.



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