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The company reserves the right to suspend or to block your account and any other accounts where you hold funds at any time. In this you shall waive any claims against the company. Abusing or aggressive communication style is prohibited. You must not swear, threaten, harass or abuse other players and the website personnel.

You should not download or flood the website with information in size causing the website malfunctions, nor should you take any actions that may affect the functioning of the website, for example, but not limited to, releasing or distribution of viruses or any hazardous software. Any bulk mailing or "spamming" is strictly prohibited. You must not interfere or disturb, delete or otherwise alter in any way any information on the website. You agree to use the website only for personal leisure purposes, and you are not entitled to copy the website or any part thereof, in any form without our prior written consent.

You agree not to crack, attempt to crack and or to access or otherwise circumvent our security system. If Frank suspect that you tried or are trying to crack, access or otherwise circumvent our security system or software, Frank will immediately terminate your access to the website services and block your account.

Frank also reserve the right to report this to respective authorities. Frank bear no responsibility for any losses, incurred to you or to the third party Online casino + with withdrawal of money the result of failure of informational technology software and hardware in the result of attacks, viruses or other harmful technological materials, when using the website and or downloading any materials, and or any reference links on the website.

It is prohibited to sell or to transfer accounts to other casino Frank prater 2015 and intentionally lose chips for another player to get profit.

It can happen, for example, in tournaments and other events running on the website. Until you have received the confirmation about your account closing, you are responsible for any activity on your account during the period starting from the moment of sending the e mail to Frank until the moment when your account is completely deleted by the company.

The company reserves the right to raise fees or costs incurred before you cancel your account. If your account is terminated, suspended or cancelled, no refund will be granted, no other credits for example, bonuses, comp point, etc. Will be credited to you or converted to cash, and further access to your account will be impossible. Based on these terms, no party shall have any obligations to the other party if your account is terminated. The company has the right to terminate your account including the username and the password immediately without prior notice, if.

Frank decide to terminate rendering services in general or in particular for any reasons. Your account is in any way related to any deleted account. Your account is related to existing blocked accounts, Frank may terminate your account, irrespective of the nature of such relations, and Frank may also block the registration details on the aforementioned accounts.

Except for cases provided herein, upon termination any balance on your account Online casino + with withdrawal of money be returned to you within a reasonable time upon your request, after deduction of amounts due to us.

You are trying to crack the system or participate in collusion. You interfere or try to manipulate the software. You use your account for purposes, which are illegal according to the valid legislation, for example, you are trying to access the website when you are in jurisdiction, referred to in paragraph 36.

You publish offensive or harmful information on the website. Your account remains inactive for a continuous period 6 six months or more Frank may close or suspend your account without notice. In the event of such closure, the terms will be automatically terminated from the date on which such termination takes effect. In the process of using the website certain circumstances may occur, when the bet was accepted, and the payment incorrectly for to the company s error for example, incorrect setting of betting conditions in the result of obvious error or omission Online casino + with withdrawal of money input of information, or in the result of the computer operation failure, or our error in calculating the amount of winnings returns due to you, including, in the result of incorrect manual or automatic input.

The company reserves the right to limit or to cancel any bet. If you used the winnings, which were incorrectly awarded to your account, or transferred to you as a result of any error for placing the future bets or gaming, Frank may cancel such bets and or winnings, which you may get using such funds, and if Frank have already paid you for such bets or games, such funds shall be deemed transferrable to you for trust management, and you shall return such funds to Frank immediately upon the request.

Neither Frank including our employees or agents nor our partners or suppliers shall be liable for any loss including loss of winnings that resulted from your or our error.



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