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Neither Frank including our employees or agents nor our partners or suppliers shall be liable for any loss including loss of winnings that resulted from your or our error. The company and its licensees, distributors, subsidiaries, affiliates and all the staff and managers are not liable for any loss or damages which may be caused by the interception or incorrect use of any information transmitted via internet.

You agree that it is up to you to choose whether to use the services or not, and you Frank casino affiliate program the choice exclusively at your sole discretion and at your own risk. The website is operated according to the terms given at the website. Frank do not make any other statements and warranties with regard to the website or services offered on the website, and hereby exclude any further liability to the extent provided by the law in terms of any implied warranties.

The company bears no responsibility for contracts, breach of law, negligence, any damage or losses, including, but not limited to, the loss of data, revenues, prestige, reputation, as well as any losses, which may not be foreseen by Frank at the present moment. The company is not liable for the content of casino Frank pl websites, which may be accessed through the website.

You agree to compensate Frank for any risks, responsibility, costs and expenditures including legal costs, as well as any other costs which may occur in the results of your breaching the terms. You agree to fully indemnify, defend and hold the company interests, its white label partners and their respective companies and their respective Frank casino affiliate program, managers and employees harmless on demand from and against all claims, demands, damages, losses, costs and expenses, including legal fees and any other charges whatsoever, occurred for any reason, that may arise as a result.

Breach of the terms by you. Breach of the law or the third parties rights by you. Use of access to the services by other persons, using your identification details, with your authorisation or without it. Receipt of any such winnings. If you violate the terms, Frank reserve the right, however, Frank are not required to. Send you a notice using your contact details containing information that you have violated the terms and request to stop the breach.

Suspend your account, making you unable to place bets or play games on the website. Close your account with or without a prior notice. Withdraw the amount of any pay outs, bonuses or winnings which you have acquired as a result of any major breach of your account. Frank reserve the right to disable your username and your password, if you fail to comply with any of the terms provisions. The content of the website is subject Frank casino affiliate program copyright and other proprietary rights either owned by the company or used under the license from third party right owners.

All downloadable or printable materials contained on the website may be downloaded only to a single personal computer and may be printed exclusively for personal Real money making non commercial use. Under no circumstances shall the use of the website grant any user any intellectual property rights for example, copyright, know how casino x trademarks owned by the company or by any third party.

Any use and reproduction of the trade names, trademarks, logo, and other creative materials, represented on the website, is prohibited. You will bear sole responsibility for any damages, costs or expenses arising out of or in connection with any prohibited activities.

You must notify the company immediately upon becoming aware of any prohibited activities, performed by any person, and shall provide the company with reasonable assistance in any investigations it may conduct in connection with the information provided by you in this respect.

Frank have to fulfill the personal data security requirements in the way the company uses any personal data collected during your visit to the website. That is why Frank take our obligations in relation to the way Frank use your personal information very seriously.

The company shall process any personal data, provided by you, in strict accordance with the security policy. If you wish to make a complaint about the website, first of all you have to contact our support service as soon Frank casino affiliate program possible with regard to your claim.

If any dispute arises you agree that records on the server will be used as final evidence for determining the result of any claim. You acknowledge that the result of games at the website is determined by the random number generator, which randomly generate events and you accept the results of all games. If there are some discrepancies between the game results on your computer and the results on our server, the results on our server shall be final and binding. If there is any discrepancy between your on screen display and the balance in your account, the balance held on the company s server will be deemed to be the balance of your account and this determination shall be final and binding.

You will lose any amounts shown to be in your account that result from human error or technical failure. The initial text of the terms is written in english and it shall be interpreted base on its initial english version. If the terms or other documents and notifications, related to it, are translated to another language, the english version shall prevail.

Frank reserve the right to transfer, assign and sublicense or pledge the terms, partially or in whole, to any person without your consent provided that such assignment will be made with the same conditions or conditions, at least as beneficial as the present terms. The company will not be liable or responsible Frank casino affiliate program any failure to perform or delays in performance of any of our obligations, under the terms, caused by events outside our reasonable control, including, but not limited to, acts of god, wars, civil commotions, interruption in public communications networks or services, industrial dispute or ddos attacks and similar internet attacks that may have an adverse effect force majeure.

Our activity shall be deemed suspended for the period of the force majeure event and Frank will have an extension of time to perform our obligations. Frank will use our reasonable resources to eliminate such force majeure event or to find a way by which the company obligations could be performed despite such force majeure event. Waiver If Frank failed to make you fulfill any of your obligations, or Frank do not exercise any of our rights or legal protection rights, this shall not constitute a waiver of online free Frank ru rights or legal protection, and does not relieve you from such obligations.

Our waiver to exercise any of our obligations shall be effective only if made in official form and delivered to you in the written form in accordance with above mentioned provisions. If any provisions of the terms become invalid, illegal or to any extent lost its legal force, such definition, condition or provisions shall be separated from other provisions, conditions and definitions, which remain in legal force to the fullest extent, as provided by the law.

In such cases the invalid part shall be changed in accordance with the applicable law, in order to reflect the initial purpose of such provisions. The present terms are regulated and interpreted in accordance with the legislation of the netherlands antilles, and you submit to the exclusive single right of the courts of the netherlands antilles jurisdictions in solving the disputes "Frank casino affiliate program" compensation claims and counterclaims, which may arise in connection with creation, legal force, effect, interpretation or action or legal relationships, stipulated by the terms or any other way arising in connection with the terms.

Money is deposited using bank cards and visa, and mastercard, and any currency is converted into american dollars, because the casino uses it for gambling accounts precisely it is made automatically. Webmoney, moneta systems are also used. Ru, yandex.



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