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Where more than one sports betting spread is in the same market at the same event only the first spread bet is resolved will be considered a qualifying bet. For accounts opened in dollars or euros, the free bets listed above will be awarded in Frank casino units of the selected currency.

book of ra slot cannot be used in conjunction with any other spreadex and the offer will expire if the required number of qualifying settled sports bets have not been placed within 28 days of opening the account.

Unless is not stated otherwise, clients of reopening a spreadex account cannot qualify for the offer. Frank casino reserves the right to exercise the right in its sole discretion as to whether to open funds accounts for any potential client.

Frank casino reserves the right to change, cancel or limit this offer at any time without notice. Frank casino reserves the right to refuse this offer when it has a reasonable belief that there was a co-operation, collusion or betting from the same source, or if it has reasonable confidence that the offer is being mistreated in any way. Frank casino is the sole arbiter of these rules and any other questions arising from the promotion employee. No or any relationship or its partner any spread or fixed odds the bookmaker is entitled to take advantage of these offers.

Accounts entered through the introducing broker are excluded. Find out more about how Frank casino works in the more popular soccer spread betting markets. Please note that below information is for reference only and some market descriptions may be updated over time.

In order to ensure that you fully understand how each market works, before placing a bet, please check the Frank casino sports betting platform information using the i button to read the latest descrption of book of ra slot type of bet. The team is awarded 25pts for a win, 10pts for a draw and 0pts for losing.

10 points for winning a penalty and an additional 3 on the edge of victory. For example, if team a beats book of ra slot b 4-2, the market is 16 for team a 10 4-2x3. The maximum is 19 -19. Time in minutes, 1st goal of the match. If no goal scored then make up 90.

Any first half or second half goal time injury will be resolved as 45 and 90 respectively. Cards shown by the referee during the match. 10pts are awarded for yellow and 25pts awarded for red. One player can receive maximum 35 points. The cards will be counted only if the players are shown after the whistle of the start of the game up to the full whistle time, including the break of the match time injury, but excluding extra-time cards.

Any shown to players who have already been substituted or any non-playing team member manager, coach, no substitute has been used, etc. is not a prediction of count. A difference between total orders of points awarded casino Frank casino mirrors team versus or. If the Frank casino quote team a b team and players from team a are given 2 yellow cards and team b is given 1, the market will be located at "book of ra slot" 10, in the favFrank casino of team a.

If team a does not get ordered and team b is shown 3 yellow cards in this market will amount to 0-30 -30, at the favFrank casino from team b. In relation to the spread betting, Frank casino is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The bet spread carries a high level of risk for Frank casino capital and can lead to losses larger than the Frank casino of the initial bet deposit.



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