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100 bonus up to 100 eur 25 fs sakura fortune 50 bonus up to 300 eur 50 fs 7 sins 25 bonus up to 500 eur 50 fs vikings go berzerk 25 bonus up to 500 eur review of online casino Frank casino fs blood sucker 2 100 bonus up to 100 eur 25 fs golden fishtank The welcome package is already waiting for your activation in your personal account.

Start your "review of online casino Frank casino" of conquering the heights Frank casino official gambling with gifts so that the game will immediately become more profitable. The minimum deposit to receive the first welcome bonus is eur 20 rub 1000 usd 20 sek 200 kzt 8000, for the rest 50 eur 2500 rub 50 usd 500 sek 20000 kzt. The minimum deposit to receive free spins is eur 10 rub 500 usd 10 sek 100 kzt 4000. The maximum bonus for the first deposit is 100 eur usd 100 rub 5000 sek 1000 kzt 40,000, for the second one 300 eur 15000 rub 300 usd 3000 sek 120 000 kzt, for the third 500 eur usd 500 rub 25000 sek 5000 kzt 200000, for the fourth 500 eur usd 500 rub 25000 sek 5000 kzt 200000, for the fifth 100 eur usd 100 rub 5000 sek 1000 kzt 40000.

Bonus wager 30. Fs wager 20. The wager is credited only for the bonus. The second bonus can be used only after wagering the first, the third bonus after wagering the second, etc. Now lets move on to the rules. Lets start by defining the goal of the game. No, the goal of the game is not to score 21 points, or as many points as possible, but not more than 21. The goal of the game is to beat the dealer. The game is played with ordinary cards, but the game uses six decks, each of which consists of 52 cards.

The number of decks may vary, but most often the game is played with exactly six decks. So the decks are shuffled and the dealer deals the cards. But before that, each player makes a bet. Each gaming table has its own range of rates, for example, from 5 to 100 dollars, or from 25 to 1000 dollars. Depending on these restrictions, you place your bet. One player can make several bets, or all players can bet on one box by agreement. The number of players, in principle, may not be limited, it all depends on the number of boxes on the game table.

The stakes have been made, gentlemen. The dealer starts dealing cards. Each player is dealt one card, then puts the card to himself, then again deals one card to the players.

One of the dealers cards is face up. So, you see your two cards, one dealers card, and you already decide whether to take more cards for you or not.

In general, this is all you collect cards until your combination is close to 21 points. More than 21 points is a loss, definitely. The outcome of the game. If your hand is more valuable than the dealers hand you win.

If you win blackjack, and the dealer pays 2 3. If both your cards and the dealers have made combinations with the same value, it is a draw. If you bust you lose. The same as if the value of your combination is less than the value of the dealers combination. After the game is over, the used cards are put aside and no longer participate in the next games. The remaining cards in the deck are not shuffled, a new deal begins.

In the black jack game there is a rule that the player should not touch his cards. Then choose the thunder reels slot machine, a new gambling game from the playson company.



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