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Most are also viewable and bid. Dont forget Frank casino also offers betting and live streaming of popular sports such as basketball, table tennis, darts and ice hockey to some of them. The m n betting system with the banker is a further extension of the concept of the betting system.

The banker is the result you are confident in and include in all combined betting systems. If the banker is lost, then the rate of the whole system is dropped as well. If the banker wins, then the odds of each combination of bets on the system are multiplied by the bankers coefficient. To calculate the odds, please use the Frank casino calculator. Odds 1x2. Place your bets on the outcome of the game by choosing one of three options home 1, draw x, and away 2. Applicable to normal time including injury multiethnic rates are accepted at regular plus injury time.

Extra periods, overtimes and penalties do not count. Under more. Bets are placed on the total number of goals, points, games and so on to be scored. To win, you need to guess if the total is more or less than a "Frank don't pay" number. Draw - no bets. A player can bet on Team 1 or Team 2. Draw is not available for bets.

If the result is a draw, the bet is returned payout with Frank don't pay 1, 0. Asian handicap. Handicap means the number of goals points that will be added to the goals points of the team to account for in the bets. The handicap can be positive, negative or zero. To determine the result of the bet, goals points actually scored by the selected team are subtracted from the negative handicap or added positive handicap of the teams handicap the handicap of the second team is not taken into account.

If the invalid outcome turns slot machines online free download to be in favor of the team you have chosen, then the bet is considered Frank don't pay.

In case of a tie, the bet is refunded. If, for example, the first team was supported with -1 handicap and the match ended a 0 0, then the bet will be lost, b 1 0, returned, c 2 0, won. In case of a positive handicap 1 and the final score of the match a 0 1, then the bet will be lost, b Frank don't pay 0, won, c 1 0, won. The bet is calculated as two bets on half shares with equal "Frank don't pay" and the nearest regular handicap values integer or divisible by 0.

5, for example, 0 and 0. 5 for 0, 25, -1 and -0. 5 for -0. If both halves of the bet are to win, the payout is calculated on odds o bets. If one of the halves of the bet wins, and the other gets a return, the payout is calculated by the coefficient o 1 2.

If one of the halves of the bet loses, and the other half of the bets return, then the odds will be 0, 5. If both halves lose, then the entire bet is considered lost. Bets on all football matches are applicable to regular time, including injury time, with the exception of "Pass" and "Winner" bet types, where all bets are accepted on the outcome of the overall match between the two teams. The first half go to Frank casino the match is the time that comes after the end of the 45th minute.

The second half of the match is the time that comes after the end of the 90-minute. If the match was stopped before the end of the 90th minute or was postponed for more than 2 days for live bets, and 3 days for Frank casino bets, all bets will be canceled, except for bets that had their result predetermined.

The exceptions are matches that were officially considered finished, even if they were not played most of the time. For teams youth matches and friendlies, all bets will count on the ending result of interactive slot machines game excluding overtime, regardless of whether the point is that the main time is played out in full or not.

Hockey. Bets on all ice hockey matches apply at regular time unless otherwise noted. If it is passed with overtime and shootouts that can be played, the line will additionally indicate "on" ot. If the game cannot be completed within 48 hours, all bets will be canceled, except for those that can be settled on the basis of the match results, which were scored at the time the match was stopped.

Frank casino bets on all basketball games are applicable to normal hours, including overtime, except for specific provisions. In-game live bets on all basketball games are applicable to normal time except overtime, except for specific provisions.

If the game cannot be completed within 48 hours, all bets will be canceled, except for those that can be settled on the basis of the match results that were scored during the stoppage match. If a player is withdrawn from the match, the player who advances to the next round is considered the winner. But if less than one set is playing and the match is stopped injury or refusal of one of the participants, all bets are canceled paid with odds of 1, 0.

An exception to this rule are bets, the outcome of which can be identified, given the number of games sets played before the match is stopped.

Example "the outcome of the game x of the set y", "in sets is the best of 3" and so on. In case the match has been suspended eg due to weather conditions bets will remain uncalculated until the start of the match is successfully completed. The suspension of a match is not an excuse for a cancellation bet.



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