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Badminton. If a player is eliminated from a match before it ends, the winner will be either the player who advances to the next round or the winner of the tournament. However, if less than one set game has been played and the match is stopped due to injury or refusal of one of the participants, Frank for free bets are canceled paid with odds of 1.

0 bet. Exceptions are bets, the outcome of which can be calculated based on the number of points games before the match was stopped. All bets are accepted on regular time, for types of bets "who is the time of evaluation n", except for and "which team wins the race to n points", which are calculated taking into account additional time bets.

All except for bets on the 1st half, overtime and penalties are calculated based on the result of regular time two halves of 40 minutes each, unless otherwise stated.

For bets on attempts only points acquired with attempts and no penalty attempts are accepted for calculation. Conversions, penalties and target drops will not be taken into account.

If a match starts but does not end within 48 hours, all bets on such event will be canceled, except for those bets that can be settled on the basis of the result at the time of the match interruption. In the event of failure of one of the participants other than the participants to continue the game, all bets on the match will be canceled, except for those bets that can be calculated based on the result at the time of the failure. In except if the match started but did not end for any reason, all bets on the match will be canceled, for bets that will be settled based on the results by the time Frank ru watch the match interruption.

In some exceptions, a match can be completed the next day because matches are played in sessions. The length of the session depends on the tournament rules. If the match is not completed for any reason, then all bets on the match are void, with the exception of bets that can be calculated based on the result at the time the match was stopped. If the match ends in a draw, the bet with the best result will be canceled. Other sports. For other sports not listed in these rules and where matches are played based on a fixed number of Frank ru watch, sets, games, etc.

If one of the participants does not finish the match for any reason, the winner is the player who goes to the next round. In the event that one of the parties received a technical Frank ru watch, all bets will be void paid with odds of 1, 0. All bets on a match canceled before the end of regular time will be void unless the match is rebuilt and played on the same date local time, or it is specified in the rules that bets on any markets that have been unconditionally determined.

If the game does not take place, except as casino slot and is not played on the same day local time, all bets are void. An exception is made if the start times are incorrect as announced on the Frank casino website. If the venue of the match is changed, then the bets already placed will stand providing the home team will continue to be designated as such.

If the home and away teams for the listed match are reversed, then the rates based on the original listing will be void. Bets will stand if Frank casino has a list of the team name without specifying the term xi in the name.

In the absence of an official source, or when significant conflicting data are present, then rates will be online casino online slot machines based on Frank casinos own statistics. All are calculated according to official statistics for an additional period of time only. Any goals, angles, etc.

that were taken or dialed in during regulation are not counted. Extra time does not include penalty shootout. Bets on races are settled according to the official result rules of the jockey racing club. Frank casino cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions regarding accuracy in publishing or issuing prices or information, despite all efforts to ensure overall accuracy. Frank casino reserves the right to correct Frank ru watch errors.



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